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  • Rossi & Rovetti Flowers
  • 644 Brannan Street
  • Atelier 31
  • San Francisco Ca 94107
  • 415-543-4400

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    Since 1871
  • Creme di Basque Floral Arrangement


    This good-looking floral arrangement is almost edible with its Creme colored Tulips and Sweet Peas and its Orange Creme colored Roses swirled in with a mix of colored Stock. You will definitely be left a sweet smile with this arrangement.

  • Celadon & Salmon Flower Arrangement


    "Old World Charm" is brought to life in this English Garden design of soft muted tones of Hydrangea, Spray Roses, Stock, Star of Bethlehem and Protea.

  • Basket of Poppies Floral Arrangement


    A super cute petite arrangement of hydrangea, poppies and other spring flowers in a small woven bag. This arrangement is the perfect calorie free Easter gift, desk cheer or thought that is sure to brighten anyone's day!

  • Simply Light Floral Arrangement


    This elegant arrangement looks light with it's hint of pink in these lovely Matthiola flowers giving a brilliant and clean look in a sharp clear vase lined with a ti leaf wrapped inside. Approx. 9" in height.

  • Simply Hydrangea Floral Arrangement


    Magnificent Hydrangea are at their best in this beautiful round arrangement of neutral cream color seated in a glass cylinder lined in green, making it a favorite. Approx. 6-7" in height.

  • "Success!" Floral Arrangement


    Celebrate success with this arrangement featuring White Calla Lilies, Lavender, Hyacinth, Stars of Bethlehem, Hydrangea, Lisianthus and a beautiful ti-leaf wrapped vase for a congratulations, birthday, corporate gift or anniversary token!

  • Fiori di Siena Flower Arrangement


    Show how much you truly care with this warm, rich colored arrangement of Lilies, Roses, Leucadendron, greens and more! It is sure to catch all eyes in the room with its deep burgundies and warm oranges nicely contrasted against a sea of green!

  • Double Phalaenopsis Orchid Planter


    Looking for a larger impact with your favorite flowering plant? Send two beautiful phalaenopsis orchid plants in one beautiful container to get a more stunning and full planter that will last forever with the right care!

  • A Touch of Lavender Floral Arrangement


    This gorgeous cool-colored arrangement has just a touch of lavender to brighten it up and add some pop! The Blue Hydrangea, Green Cymbidium Orchids, Jade Roses and White Tulips are beautifully accented with the Lavender Roses.

  • Lavender Stripe Floral Arrangement


    This lovely compact arrangement is loaded with beauty with hydrangea,lavender roses and lavender tulips. A great way to decorate your desk or freshen up your home!

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