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Custom Arrangements

(also known as) Designer's Choice Arrangements

Set your price!

Custom Arrangements are also Called Designers Choice Arrangements

Flower quantities are limited so order quickly!

Set your price below and let us create a unique arrangement using the freshest flowers - just for them!

Due to high volume for our family owned floral boutique, we ask that you use this form to order your flowers instead of calling us for your order or finding something from our online catalog. Place any comments or special requests in the Comments box during checkout.

We guarantee the result will be fresh and gorgeous!

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What flowers will be used?
The freshest flowers possible! We only use the best. It will definitely be appropriate for any special occasion! Because its a busy weekend though, special requests are hard to accommodate.

Whats the difference between tall and short arrangements?
Both use the same value of flowers, but shorter ones are done in a pave style [European] and are more appropriate for a higher end look. The taller arrangements are traditional, western styled arrangements and are appropriate when height is valued above style.

Will I get to see a picture of the final arrangement?
Yes! Of course! Well email you a link to our order tracker that you can see the photo before it gets delivered as well as who designed it and who is delivering your order.

What about special requests?
We work as hard as we can to accommodate them throughout the year, but this is a busy weekend so feel free to put a request in the Comments box when checking out, but we are not able to guarantee every specific request this weekend.

When will it be delivered?
We are working as hard as we can to get everything delivered as soon as possible when you place your order this weekend, but expect it no later than our typical delivery day.

Can I ask to have a call ahead of time to make sure they are home?
Well, not exactly - but our drivers are fabulous and are very famous for hunting down your recipient.

When will I know its delivered?
You will get an email and a text [your preference] as well as you can track it in our order tracker as soon as the order is Processed by our design team.

Why is your phone number being connected to your overflow call center?
We are all working hard! Feel free to leave them a message, though, and well try our best to get back to you in a timely fashion.

What if I have a question thats not here? ..and how much time do I have to make up my mind?
Email us at info@italianflorist.com - however, its busy and most other florists have already shut off delivery and we are not at capacity yet, but understand we may not get back to you until we reach our own capacity. But we will try to answer you sooner if we can!

How many people can fit into a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle?
Puzzling. We will get back to you on that one.

What is your delivery price?
FREE to San Francisco or anywhere in the Bay Area! - We are quite competitive with other florists at that. And our drivers work on a slim bit of money after paying for gas.

Do you deliver anywhere else?
Yes! Just to the San Francisco Bay Area though - sorry, we dont yet have a store in Barcelona Spain or in Warwick Rhode Island. Prices will vary depending on the destination outside of San Francisco - our system will give you the final price before you click check out.

What if I am unhappy or crabby?
Email us this weekend or call us and leave a message with our overflow call center, who have live humans [but they arent florists per se]. Your satisfaction is guaranteed so we will do whatever it takes to make you happy with our services at nothing less than an A+! Our florists are hand selecting every single flower to ensure nothing but the best quality. Our drivers are doing their best to get the deliveries out quickly. Our cats are staying away from overusing the litter box until we get home so that we can work on your orders. But we will make you happy, even if it takes us a few hours or more to get back to you.

How long will the flowers last?
As long as the freshest flowers found will last! With proper care, expect 7 days of them being gorgeous but it varies from arrangement to arrangement, whether or not the stems are recut every 2 days and the water is changed out at the same time. If you have any questions [or your recipient does] - email us at info@italianflorist.com and we will share some guidance on how to keep them up.

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