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custom flower arrangements

(also known as) "designer's choice" arrangements

first step: set your price!

set your price below and let us create a unique arrangement using the freshest flowers - just for them!

we guarantee the result will be fresh and gorgeous!

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What flowers will be used?
The freshest flowers possible! We only use the best. It will definitely be appropriate for any special occasion! Use the Comments box during the checkout to add any specific requests (roses, scent, color preferences, height, etc.)

Whats the difference between tall and short arrangements?
Both use the same value of flowers, but shorter ones are done in a pave style [European] and are more appropriate for a higher end look. The taller arrangements are traditional, western styled arrangements and are appropriate when height is valued above style.

Will I get to see a picture of the final arrangement?
Yes! Of course! Well email you a link to our order tracker that you can see the photo before it gets delivered as well as who designed it and who is delivering your order.

What about special requests?
We work as hard as we can to accommodate them and we will call you if there's a problem fulfilling your request.

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